Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

A Message To Lazy Muslims

by Noreaga
Asalamu Alikum:

This post has been inspired by the hundreds of muslims who base their acceptance or rejection of information or knowledge, on whether or not they are present in hadeeth or Quran.

We have rcved thousands upon thousands of emails with questions stating where is your proof from the quran or hadeeth for saying this, or sharing that. Now what is wrong with this interpretation of knowledge or truth?

For one, i myself believe that the Quran holds all the answers to everything that ever was, and will forever be. I believe that everything we seek can be found in the Quran, and the Quran is the ultimate guidance to our lives. With that said, it should be clearly understood that we are the ones who lack knowledge and understanding to correctly grasp the treasures within the Quran and authentic hadeeth.

The Prophet pbuh placed a high urgency on acquiring knowledge, Several other teachings and sayings by the sahaba and Family revolve around why knowledge should be an obligation on every Muslim, and seeking knowledge is a form of 3ibada or worship. The Quran places a high emphasis on seeking knowledge and tafakur, or believers who take time to deeply think and examine concepts and forms of knowledge. The first word revealed to the prophet pbuh from the ALLAH SWT was "iqraa" or "read". Why do you think this is so?

We just completed a series titled the divine book. This series delves into several scientific miracles within the Quran. It is sad and unfortunate that i must say, if it wasn't for western non-Muslim scientists, we would have never grasped the brilliance of the verses that have been with us for centuries. Meaning if knowledge was not sought, we as Muslims would have never grasped the brilliance of the knowledge present in the Quran. Not because the Quran or hadeeth lacks this knowledge, but bcz we lack the understanding and knowledge to correctly grasp them. This is why muslims should stop being lazy and require hadeeth and quranic verses before deciding to delve and discover subjects. Its your obligation to search, build, seek, study, learn, build, and so on and so forth if you are to advance as an individual, or as an ummah. Just imagine if the scientists at nasa said, u know what we r not gonna delve into this subject bcz it is not present in hadeeth Quran?? Is this what Islam is about? Quite the contrary, it is after you seek knowledge that you truly start to appreciate the wisdom and beauty of the Quran and hadeeth.

Knowledge is never a Waste of time or effort:
Even if information contradicts the Quran and hadeeth, it is your responsibility to master the subject to correctly defend the Quran and hadeeth. You can not provide a quranic verse to an athiest scientist to disprove evolution, bcz he/she simply doesn't believe in the Quran. You have to provide solid evidence based on years of research and knowledge and then link it to the Quran, if you are to be a respected Muslim figure or 3alim (knowledgeable person) on a global scale. And what the wise followers of the Quran do, is use what the Quran reveals as guidance to master the mentioned knowledge at hand. Either way there is no room for a lazy ummah, sitting back and saying "I will not look into this bcz it is not shared in Quran or Hadeeth"

Muslims went from the leaders in the domains of literature, science, math, physics, biology, to a 3rd world ummah of followers, awaiting for knowledge to be fed to them, and whom will not even open a book since at face value the presented piece of information or knowledge is not present in their perspective of the Quran or Authentic hadeeth. Today the majority of scholars are not 3alims, even if they claim to be, because they do not posses the appropriate knowledge to lead the world, the way the true examples of Islam did. Why don't we have a Muslim bill gates?, or a Muslim Nasa? Is it bcz the Quran is not adequate or are we the inadequate ones? No matter how much you stress the hadeeth and the quran, if you are not a leading example in the world or your specific community or environment, then you have clearly not understood them, or their purpose.

The absolute creator is the creator of all forms of knowledge, therefor a journey towards knowledge, is one towards understanding and appreciating the brilliance of our creator ALLAH SWT, as well as yourself.

Wa ALLAHu a3lam.

Hope my point was understood, and helpful to the younger generation of Muslims reading this. We need more leaders, and more muslim noble prize winners, more muslim innovators, inventors, and more examples of accomplished and respected muslims figures.
May ALLAH guide us towards the correct wisdom and knowledge to change the world and ourselves to the better inshaALLAH.


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